Types of Appliances

Removable Appliances

Photo: Examples of top and bottom retainers

Removable appliances may be used to move selected teeth, to hold selected teeth in place, to influence growth of the jaws, and to influence tooth eruption. They are often used in conjunction with fixed appliances.

Removable appliances cannot be used to treat all orthodontic problems. It takes skill and experience to recognize conditions that can be successfully treated with removable appliances.

Because the patient can easily remove the appliance, good compliance is required to achieve the desired outcome.

Fixed Appliances

The loss of one or more primary teeth can result in a loss of space.  Fixed appliances, called Space Maintainers hold the space required until the permanent tooth erupts at the appropriate time. At such time, the space maintainer will be removed by the pediatric dentist.

Habit Appliances

Customized Thumb/Finger Appliances can be placed in the child’s mouth to prevent/deter the child from causing a deleterious effect to the developing dentition. They are very effective when left in place 3-6 months. They are inserted using dental cement and will be removed by the pediatric dentist once the habit has been broken.